For a good acoustic sound, the best microphone I’ve ever come across is the DPA 4099. It’s not cheap but worth every cent as it picks up the rich sound really well and is relatively adverse for feedback.

Currently I’m also exploring with microphones inside of the flute. Its very tricky but this year I’m collaborating with a team of students from the HKU Media and Technology department to work on this.

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I have two stands I use: one for home and one for travel.

At home I use a König & Meyer Bassoon stand. Nice and sturdy, plus very easy to get the flute in and out of.


On the road I use a stand custom built for me by WoodwindDesign. It’s a little precarious but super light and easy to take in my case. Works fine as long as I keep an eye on it, which is usually not a problem.


There are also recent new stands at WoodwindDesign.

Here’s a unique hanging design from Pearl Flutes:

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Wiseman case

This is the custom built Wiseman case for my contrabass flute. Its very spacious and light. 95% of the time I’ve had no problem bringing it onboard the airplane too, which has saved me tons in extra baggage fees.


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